Friday, 9 November 2018

Condemnation of leasing out 6 airports under PPP

The Revolutionary Communist Party of India (RCPI) strongly condemns the Union Cabinet's approval to the proposal to lease out the Ahmedabad, Guwahati, Jaipur, Lucknow, Mengaluru and Thiruvanathapuram airports under the Public Private Partnership (PPP) model. There is no doubt that the NDA Government is no less capitalistic than the UPA Government; both are the servants of capitalism. They only serve the narrow interests of the bourgeoisie. Such decisions of the government are widening the gap between the rich and the poor.
The RCPI appeals to the working people to resist this decision of the government.

Sunday, 4 November 2018

Condemnation of the brutal killings in Tinsukia District, Assam

The Revolutionary Communist Party of India (RCPI) condemns the brutal killing of the five people in Kherbari, Tinsukia District, Assam. At the same time, it demands a proper investigation and punishment to the criminals.

We strongly believe that the background of the incident has been created by the Central Government by bringing the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016. The ruling party, which is  controlled by the capitalist class, knew well that this bill would help them create divisions amongst the working class.

Since the happening of that incident, many Assamese and Bengali chauvinist groups across Assam have been raising linguistic-chauvinist slogans. This is how the ruling class has been successful in creating a "Chinese Wall" between the two major linguistic communities of Assam.

The ruling class wants to create such divisions and will continue it, just to hamper the unity of the working people against it and to dilute the class consciousness of the working class with chauvinism, so that they can achieve their narrow horizons.

The RCPI appeals to the working class and the other progressive strata of the people to fight such attempts to divide the society tooth and nail and unite against the capitalist system.

Biren Deka,
General Secretary

Sunday, 28 October 2018

Organising Committee of the RCPI formed in Kerala

          Today, on the 28th day of October 2018, the Revolutionary Communist Party of India (RCPI) formed the State Organising Committee of the party in Kerala, under the secretaryship of Comrade Dipin Thekkepuram, in the presence of Comrades Biren Deka and Subhash Roy.

          The increase in exploitations and oppressions under the capitalist regime has necessitated the strengthening of the communist movement in India. The RCPI has to fight tooth and nail against this capitalist system and to establish socialism not only in India, but in the entire world. The capitalist system is at the doorstep of death. In simple words, the capitalist system is in the ICU. And to protect itself, this system has introduced new methods of exploitation. The ruling class, i.e. the capitalist class, knows well that their days are numbered, and that the working class along with the other oppressed and the exploited stratas of the society can overthrow them by seizing the power into their hands. Therefore, the capitalist class is trying to divide its victims by sowing the seeds of communalism. We must admit that they have been successful to such an extent that the working people are losing their class consciousness and have started identifying themselves as the members of different religious communities, linguistic communities, etc., but not as workers. But at the same time, we must also pledge to counter their evil propaganda. The people must be able to counter their vicious intensions. This destructive system must be replaced with a new one, i.e. with the Socialist system, through a revolution under the leadership of the truly revolutionary class—the proletariat, and with the active cooperation of the other oppressed and exploited people.

          We appeal to the working people, the peasants and the other oppressed and exploited stratas of Kerala to strengthen the communist movement in India by extending their hands to the RCPI. We, the soldiers of the Marxist-Leninist army, must go through various challenges, several defeats and victories, until the final victory of socialism is achieved.

Monday, 8 October 2018

117th Birth Anniversary of Comrade Saumyendranath Tagore

          On this 117th birth anniversary of Comrade Saumyendranath Tagore, the founder of the Revolutionary Communist Party of India (RCPI), the party remembers him for his vehement struggle against Imperialism, Fascism, Capitalism and Revisionism.

          May the working class enlighten itself with the teachings of the great Marxist revolutionary and theorist to fight all types of oppression and exploitation, and to achieve World Socialism.

Saturday, 22 September 2018

On the 44th death anniversary of Comrade S.N. Tagore

          On this 44th death anniversary of Comrade Saumyendranath Tagore, the founder of the Revolutionary Communist Party of India (RCPI), the party remembers the great Marxist revolutionary and theorist. Comrade Tagore stood as a challenge to world capitalism throughout his life as a world revolutionary. He was one of the boldest communist revolutionaries, who stood in opposition to Stalin and his chorus boys throughout the world. Saumyendranath was a critic of M.N. Roy. M.N. Roy did “not believe in the dogma of proletarian leadership of the anti-imperialist struggle” and thought that it was “sheer nonsense, at best revolutionary romanticism”. On the contrary, Comrade Saumyendranath disagreed with the idea of collaboration of the communists with the Indian bourgeoisie against the British imperialists. He wanted a Socialist Revolution in India under the leadership of the proletariat, which is the truly revolutionary class, rejecting the treacherous idea of tailism.

          Comrade Tagore advocated the theory of the Permanent Revolution against Stalin's idea of “Socialism in one country” and the idea of a “Two Stage Revolution”. According to him, “the theory of Permanent Revolution has two aspects, one relating to the revolution of a particular country, the immediate passing over from the bourgeois democratic phase of the revolution to the socialist revolution,” for which the leadership must be in the hands of the proletariat. He rejected the idea of “a special kind of alliance” with the bourgeoisie and considered it to be not only not necessary, but also positively harmful to the revolutionary cause, in the Imperialist epoch. In his words, “the second aspect” of the Permanent Revolution “is related to the international tasks of the revolution ... which makes it imperative for the first victorious revolution to operate as the yeast of revolution in the world arena. ... Trotsky became the target of Stalin's vengeance only so far as he drew the attention of the communists throughout the world to the betrayal of world revolution (Permanent Revolution) by Stalin.”

          He argued that the theory of Permanent Revolution is pure Marxism and Leninism. He points out that the term “Permanent Revolution” was coined by Marx and Engels back in 1850 in their Address of the Central Committee to the Communist League. According to Tagore, “Lenin was just as much a champion of the Permanent Revolution as Trotsky was, and with a much more sure grasp of revolutionary reality. But Trotsky certainly had done a great service to revolutionary communism by drawing out attention over and over again to the theory of Permanent Revolution since Lenin died in 1924, and the sinister anti-revolutionary reign of Stalin started. In the face of the next diabolical machineries of vilification and terror of Stalinocracy, he kept the banner of revolutionary communism flying in the best traditions of Marx and Lenin. Therein lies Trotsky's invaluable service in the theory of Permanent Revolution. So far as the Theory itself is concerned, it is pure and simple revolutionary Marxism.”

          Saumyendranath Tagore was a danger to the British Imperialists, the Indian bourgeoisie and the falsifiers of Marxism. He was a danger even to the Nazis, who had imprisoned him for his alleged attempt to assassinate Hitler.

          In the “Who's Who” prepared by Sir David Petrie which was appended to the main report on the Communist movement in the twenties of the 20th century, Saumyendranath Tagore was described as follows:
“Tagore, Saumyendra Nath, of Calcutta. Is said to have taken a vow of celibacy and asceticism until the freedom of India is achieved. A youth of avowed Communist sympathies, who had closely identified himself with the Labour movement in Calcutta and its environs; also associated with many dangerous revolutionaries and is said to be a party to their plans. Associated with George Allison alias Donald Campbell prior to the latter's arrest. Elected Chairman of the Reception Committee of the All Bengal Communist Conference held in Calcutta in February 1927 under the name of the Bengal Peasants’ and Workers’ Party. Proceeded abroad in May 1927 on a definite mission to the Comintern to obtain funds for Communist work in India and to make a practical study of the working of the Communist Party abroad and to enlighten them as to conditions in India. A zealous and dangerous Communist and revolutionary.”

          Saumyendranath Tagore considered that the policy of the People's Front adopted in the Communist International in 1935 in order to fight Fascism was a policy of betrayal. He realised that whenever and wherever the proletariat had entered into a coalition with the bourgeoisie, they found themselves politically disarmed and emasculated. Therefore, he opposed the idea of inclusion of the bourgeoisie in the anti-Fascist struggles in Europe as well as in the anti-imperialist struggle in India. He warned the  proletariat against such a treacherous United Front in India in the following words: “The 'leftist' pipers of the Indian bourgeoisie have piped the proletariat far away from their own trench towards the Congress trench—the trench of the enemy of the proletariat. Let the proletariat be aware.”

          May the working class get inspirations from the Revolutionary Marxist teachings of this “Dangerous Communist” to fight every injustice, exploitation and oppression.

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

On the Foundation Day of the RCPI

          Founded on 1st August, 1934, the Revolutionary Communist Party of India (RCPI) has, today, turned 84 years old. On this very day, the party salutes the founders of Scientific Socialism (Communism), Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. It salutes V.I. Lenin, Rosa Luxemburg and Leon Trotsky, the greatest teachers of Marxism, and also Comrade Saumyendranath Tagore, another of the greatest international teachers of Marxism as well as the founder of the Revolutionary Communist Party of India. The RCPI salutes on this very day the great incorrigible revolutionaries of the party who have sacrificed their lives in creating a glorious history of it.
          The RCPI still remembers its pledge to establish communism not only in India, but in the whole world by freeing it from the clutches of capitalism and its various forms, and is striving hard to fulfil the dream of the international working class of living in a classless society.
          The RCPI will always stand with every exploited and oppressed, against the exploiters and the oppressors, to establish a classless world, a world where there will be no exploitation.
          The RCPI will always let the banner of Marxism-Leninism fly high and struggle to prevent it from any kind of distortion.
          The RCPI pays its homage to the greatest revolutionaries of the world who laid down their lives for socialism. It admires the soldiers of the army of Marxism, who are working for the emancipation of the international proletariat.
          Without any negotiation with anyone, the Revolutionary Communist Party of India will keep struggling to achieve WORLD SOCIALISM.

Saturday, 5 May 2018

The bi-centenary of Karl Marx's birthday

            The 5th day of May, 2018 marks the bi-centenary of the birth of Karl Marx. May all the people over the world celebrate this very day. It is high time that the victims of tyranny, those of exploitation, of treachery, of inequality, in a word, the oppressed of the world, should arise against their oppressors.
            The man, who was born two hundred years ago in Germany, is being discussed all over the world even today, in the 21st century. It suggests the greatness of his teachings. The horrors of capitalism have been experienced by the people of every generation since its introduction. Sometimes it reaches the doorstep of death, but again revives, and again it sometimes needs to be admitted to the ICU. Even then, capitalism is surviving, and perhaps it has a long life. In the words of the Marxist Sociologist John Bellamy Foster, “Just as capitalism itself took numerous centuries to develop, it is now clear that the movement towards socialism is a long struggle, with historic victories, followed by heartbreaking defeats, leading to a renewal of the struggle.” We, the soldiers of the Marxist army, must go through various challenges, several defeats and victories, until the final victory of socialism is achieved. As capitalism is a destructor of the world, it too must be destroyed, with the revolutionary teachings of Karl Marx, and preparation.
            What the 21st century capitalist world is suffering from, was predicted by Marx back in the 19th century. At that time, capitalism was just like a young child. It was just emerging out of feudalism. Karl Marx gave us the correct prediction of capitalism and the world under it. He also taught us how this destructing system can be destroyed. On this bi-centenary of the birth of this great man, let us, the new generation of the 21st century, take oath to bring a revolutionary change to this world of inequality.
            Why is Marx still popular? Thousands of people of the world visit the tomb of Karl Marx that is in the Highgate Cemetery of London even today. This proves nothing but the correctness of his predictions of the future world under capitalism, and the people’s awareness of him and his revolutionary teachings. Capitalism must be replaced with scientific socialism as a result of the revolutionary union of the working people of the world along with the other oppressed of the world. This destructive system must be replaced with a new one, through a revolution under the leadership of the truly revolutionary classthe proletariat.

Let the ruling classes tremble at a Communistic revolution.
The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains.
They have a world to win.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

RCPI condemns the demolition of the statue of Lenin

The Revolutionary Communist Party of India (RCPI) strongly condemns the vandalism and dashing of the statue of V.I. Lenin by the RSS-BJP backed goons on March 5, 2018, just after the declaration of the Assembly Election Result in Tripura. The hatred and violence unleashed by the goons is against the democratic norms and political culture of India. BJP Spokespersons' open support to this act of vandalism is shame to the multiparty democracy of the country.

Biren Deka
General Secretary